About Us

We LOVE homemade teacakes and old fashioned cakes! With SDJ Sweet Treats we’ve taken our love of the “sweet life”, combined it with our passion for all things vintage, retro and nostalgic and created a place where you can almost step back in time as you bite into a moist teacake or cake. Whether you’re a kid or just a kid at heart, you’ll be taken to a place where we spark a childhood memory of sitting on your grandmother's porch swinging your feet with pleasure. Maybe you remember the cooked banana pudding, old fashioned bread pudding with rum sauce or the old hermit cake, the good old Dixie cups, and chances are, we’ve got it! Oh and if we don’t have them in stock, and you're in need of them, we’ll make them for you.


SDJ Sweet Treats, is the design and creation of Sharon Denise Jackson. Self-proclaimed baker and have curated the amazing and never ending variety of sweets! Specializing in hard to find cookies, handmade cake pops, praline pound cakes, varieties of mini cakes, pies, cupcakes, praline candies, and much more. Sharon is a United States Navy Vet and has seen and traveled many countries. Along her tours she has seen may fascinating deserts along with baking command cakes for ceremony’s such as meeting the president of Denmark while in their country. Her baking skills were honed in as she worked early morning shifts to ensure the flight crews had their morning Sweet Treats before they'd fly out. Leaving such ships as the USS INCHON out of Ingleside Texas, and the JOHN F. KENNEDY out of Mayport Florida. Now after serving many years in the military she finds peace in making people pallets water for her tantalizing deserts.