Sweet Table

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This SDJ SWEET TREATS table set includes the following 96 pieces:

(6),(12),or (24) Praline Candy 

(6),(12),or (24) Cake Pops

(6),(12),or (24) Marshmallows 

(6),(12),or (24) Pretzel Rods

(6),(12),or (24)Rice Krispy Treats
(6),(12),or (24)TeaCakes or Sugar Cookies
(6),(12),or (24)Candy Apples

- All orders ship week of event to ensure freshness. If you would like an order sooner you must select a date that is sooner than your week of event.

Thank you!!

- Each treat is dipped in any desired color requested.

- Please contact me at (225) 247-9881 to set up your color selection.

- Each item come individually wrapped and tied with ribbon.

- I ship week of event unless we discuss an earlier shipping time.

- Thanks so much. I look forward to working with you.